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Incredible Features With Endless Applications

For decades, we have been using Plywood and Waterproof Ply by cutting trees and causing harm to the environment, just to make furniture. Even after doing this much, the durability and performance of Plywood and Waterproof Ply are not coming up to our expectations. Over the years of application, the waterproof ply also gets affected by moisture, while the problem of termite attack remains.

Wirginplast HARDZ are high-quality WPC boards made of rice husk and polyvinyl chloride composite ingredients (PVC). There are no artificial fillers or chemically addicting chemicals in this product. It's a durable composite sheet with natural characteristics and color (Beige wood) . The product is chemical free, including lead. With the inclusion of rice husk, the stiffness and tensile strength of the material improves screw holding and nailing.

Myths to burst


Because of low-quality WPC Boards made by local manufacturers,
the name of WPC Boards has come down in the market! Whereas,
we believe in giving a solution not just a product. Wirginplast WPC
boards are made with high-density, so the screws make their grip
very strong, which leaves no chance of them coming out.


Honesty comes first for us, WPC boards can bend when the right
density of product is not used for an application. We have different
variants in density and thickness and we always make sure to
recommend the right density for right application.


The best part of WPC Boards are 100% carpenter friendly, as there
is no extra knowledge required in their working. Carpenters can use
their regular tools on WPC Boards, which they commonly use on


Yes, WPC Boards are 100% Paintable and we recommend to use only oil based paint.


Can be attached to each other or wood/laminates/veneers to render additional strength and thickness if your application demands so.

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